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Bocas del Toro 2016 (2)




Walks and Red Frog Beach.


We found this transport at Bocas del Drago.


We took the bus to Bocas del Drago, but we walked the 16 km back. There were too few water holes like this along the road!.


Resting halfway between Bocas del Drago and Bocas Town.


The reward after a log walk.



One morning we took a water taxi over to Red Frog Beach. We had met no Norwegians since we left home, but on this jungle path we met Christin and Mona.


We tried to walk along the beach, but after just a short distance we could not find how to proceed, so we bathed and relaxed and had lunch at Red rog Beach. The famous red frog was absent.


The beach was reached over a 15 minutes walk on this path.


The wild life was not abundant, but we saw this bird.


Our panga driver.


While we were over at Red Frog, it had been raining, and Bjørn had to empty the T/T "Tatt av vinden".


This bird wants to build a nest. And they were two, and they looked like they were in love. The sad story is that they wanted to build their nest inside the boom on "Tatt av vinden". That sort of illegale house occupation could we not allow, so we had to close the entrence before they built too much.

But we felt very sorry for them. We hope though that the problems strengthened their relationship.