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Bocas del Toro 2016 (3)




Isla Colon - Playa Bluff and Bocas Town.


We went once more to Playa Bluff. Or to bemore exact: We took a taxi there and walked the 8 km back.


Surfers only.


The dirt road follows the beaches and is very nice.


I needed this one!



We felt like taking a selfie.


I also need one.


In the afternoon Christin and Mona visited us on "Tatt av vinden" for a sundowner.


Living quarters in one of the streets we walked every day.


We don't know if it can move.


Cockpit life with sun shides.


One of the best restaurants for seafood.


The entrance to the restaurant.

  And if we look through the door, we can see directly out to the anchorage where "Tatt av vinden" is. (To the left.)