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Pacific side

2018 - 3




San Cristobal, Galapagos


Nina, Gregor's girlfriend arrives at the airport in San Cristobal.


Sea lion and bird (sorry do not know what kind) at Loberia beach. We had  very nice walk about 3 km out of Boquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal.


Two generations of sea lions. They are everywhere around Baquerizo Moreno where we are at anchor, and most of them are in the harbor. After some days we do not like that they occupy the bathing platform on Tatt av vinden. They like to stay there, and during the night two of them often fight for the place and make a lot of noise.


Licking sun..



Marine iguanas - same place. They were not shy. To us they look like prehistoric dinosaurs, luckily not so big.


Eva admires the wildlife.


Making friends with the iguanas.


This frigate bird which we spotted at El Junco, has the red balloon under his throat to impress the female.


This big one lives at the Galapaguera.


I always new that ET was a copy...


The big land turtles are really impressive. This one is kept in a sanctuary called Galapaguera.


Blue footed boobies. Female to the left. This photo shows them kissing. For real. They rub against each other like two young lovers.


The pelicans here are huge. And they take well care of them selves. This one is cleaning his feathers.