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Las Palmas - 1






Well back in "Tatt av vinden", Las Plamas, November 2013.



Kjell and Lone in "Krivicalo" from Trondheim are ready for ARC+.

ARC+ started 10. November and has a stopover in Cap Verde.


Kjel helming "Krivicalo" out of the habour for the start just outside.


Amalie II (Norwegian) is leaving for the start of ARC+. They have a French TV-team on board. The TV team shall document the ARC.

The ARC is more popular i France than ever. For the first time there are more French boats participating than Norwegian ones! And Norway has traditionally been number three, behind UK and Germany.


The ARC+ start in Las Palmas. Some 40+ boats started for Cap Verde and later for St. Lucia.


Security check in Tatt av vinden. We needed two more parachute flairs and a light for the life sling. That was a new way of reading the rules since 2008, but ok.


Chris Tibbs, the meteorologist known from "Yachting Monthly" talked about the kind of weather to expect. Squalls, how to spot them and how to dorge them, is a very important topic.


"Christian Radich" lies in Las Palmas and will start for St. Lucia when the ARC starts, 24th November.

The schoolship was built in 1937 at Framnæs mek. Værksted (Framnes mechanical yard) in Sandefjord. The ship is still sailing. Yhe yard is long gone...


Bjørn talking to one of the crew on the windjammer.


Sorting out ropes in the rig. A bit higher up than "Tatt av vinden" and seeming definitively less comfortable than a lift to our mast top.


Eva admiring the ropes.