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Las Palmas - 2






Eva had this acute inflamation in a hip muscel (extremely painful), and she had to visit this medical center for five secutive days to get a heavy cortison injection. It is, hopefully, cured now.


Bjørn is ready for the first dive in two years. He was careful to consult the book before he went over the side to inspect the bottom of "Tatt av vinden". Just two meters down at the most though.


A little too heavy inflation of the dry suit at the moment....


The bigger the boys, the bigger the toys. Stein E. Hagen's 141 feet sailboat "Canica" arrives in the marina in Las Palmas. You may definetively aquire something for a few bucks more than 200 mill NOK... But then, according to the roumers, it is a standard model.


Music on the ARC opening ceremony.


.Bjørn is ready to show nationality in the procession.


.The Norwegians love to show flags...


.We are ready for the parade.


Bjørn marching (or actually walking...) with the Norwegian contingent.


The Norwegian flag among the 38 nationalities in the ARC this year. It is more international than ever.