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Las Palmas - 3






Relaxed morning in Las Palmas.


The action is on. Demonstration of helicopter rescue.


What can we expect to see in the sky during the crossing? Maybe this comet, ISON, it is near the sun from 1. December to 17 Decmber.


The watermaker needed service. But Bjørn had to give in, and the engineers from Schenker, under survaiance from Jim MacDonald of Mactrashop had to take over. Now it is well functioning.


Lars and Bjørn are observent looking at the helicopter rescue.


The diver from the helicopter pics up his comerade. Sometimes they pic up the casualty the same way.


How a group shold enter a life raft.


We are introducing Lars to the sundowners at the ARC.


Jeanneau gave us a dinner. Here is Bjørn among other Jeanneau captains.


Lars concentrates on cleaning the winches.


Ready for the great event.


All the Norwegian crews for the ARC in family picture.


The crew of "Tatt av vinden".