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The Kingdom of Tonga - Nuku'alofa


This wreck shows the way to Big Mama Yacht Club outside Nuku'alofa. There is the best anchorages and there is a ferry service for the town.


The Yacht Club. Really a restaurant only. It was crowded in the week ends, then the locals from the town came out to have a good time The other days just some sailors from the anchorage showed up. But they made surprisingly good food there. And sometimes they announced happy hour(s) on the VHF,


Eva on the ferry. The man to the left worked to raise new homes for people who had lost theirs in the last Cyclone. He was a volunteer, retired from normal work.


The ferry, the sailors and their dhingys at Big Mama's.


Mia the last evening at the anchorage outside Big Mama's


Eva and Bjørn the same place. Time for sundowner, and Eva is about to fly to New Zealand the next day.


Bjørn at "Friends" in Nuku'alofa. "Friends" was a very popular coffee shop among backpackers and sailors.



Mia and Remi (Dutch friend of Mia's) at "Friends".


Eva and Bjørn stumbled into the celebration in Nuku'alofa of United Nations World Food Day. The aim is that no one in the whole world shall lack food by 2030.

Here they display local produce of all kinds.


Proud Tongan women.


Also the children are included.


And the foreigners (only Eva and Bjørn represented the international community) must participate, not just stand at the side as onlookers. Here Bjørn is "forced" to do some kind of dancing...


Some additions to the traditional clothing may freshen up..


 Two determined women.


 Eva with one of them.


And also Eva had to dance. But she did much better than her husband.